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2 (Two) DVD Bundle - Star Trek - See description for details - (21-44)

2 (Two) DVD Bundle - Star Trek - See description for details - (21-44)

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This is a single (one) bundle containing 2 DVDs. 

Both are in gently used condition in original packaging. Only 1 (one) bundle available.

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[Item Number: 21-44] 

1) Star Trek - 2009

  • Punch it to the max with the 2009 'Star Trek' reboot. A long-lived and prosperous franchise, 'Star Trek' is part of many a fan's heart. See it again in a new light with this slightly altered universe that is affected by a Vulcan time traveler known to many and an angry Romulan seeking vengeance. Jim Kirk is still just a cadet having recently taken his Kobayashi Maru test and been caught cheating when the Federation comes under attack. The first assault by this enemy had taken his father's life and this second major attack threatens to destroy the Vulcan home world. Watch as the young Kirk is thrust into a position of leadership before his time to stop a madman.

2) Star Trek - Into Darkness - 2013

  • The STAR TREK franchise continues with this follow-up to 2009's J.J. Abrams-directed reboot. Abrams returns to direct from a script by Damon Lindelof and the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The crew of the Enterprise engages in an epic battle of good versus evil after being summoned home, only to discover Starfleet in ruins, and they venture into a war zone to find the powerful villain (SHERLOCK's Benedict Cumberbatch) responsible for the devastation.
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